The UK Shall Be Saved

We have all heard Reinhard Bonnke’s vision of a blood-washed Africa, but we think it’s time for a vision of a blood-washed United Kingdom.

Imagine vast crowds of people on the streets, not gathering for a festival, but gathering because the streets were the only place that could contain the harvest. In these gatherings ordinary people seeing the most extraordinary miracles; the crippled getting out of wheelchairs, blind people receiving their sight, deaf ears opened and dumb people speaking. Imagine what it would be like to see no need amongst the people, all the needs of the poor being met through the prosperity of the church. Imagine what it would be like if in these gatherings there was no singled out ‘man of God’, no special minister, only Christ exalted and ministering to the lost.

What if this could happen in the cities of the United Kingdom?

The prophetic words have been countless and the prayer meetings have been many. It is time to step into the fullness of God. We are in the days when those who are willing to go are seeing many saved and healed throughout the United Kingdom. Recently our friend, Daniel Chand, saw 98 people saved in the space of a month.  The one thing that God is looking for is people who will go, then believers will be added to the Kingdom and signs and wonders will follow.

Our heart at JesusLoves has always been to serve what God is doing in our nation, to create a space for people to encounter the love of God, to see God move in churches and communities and equip others in a gospel of signs, wonders and amazing love. Our vision is that together we will see this move of God gain momentum and thousands, even millions, of people, saved in our nation.

The United Kingdom is long overdue a mighty move of God and we believe now is our time.

Peter Murden
Peter has been involved in the organising of JesusLoves since it’s start in 2012. He served on the launch team of OpenWell in Liverpool, owns and run Bara’ Creative Ltd and is currently attendng the second year program of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. He blogs at